The Benefits of Our Design Process

* A one-on-one design consultation with our designers.
* Complete interaction with designer and goldsmiths.
* A unique experience while you watch and enjoy.
* A private and secure designing experience.

* Expertise of 75 years of combined experience.
* Consultation on various metals and gemstones.
* Having created over 6000 designs over 30 years
* An accurate cost of design before design starts.
* Taking the risk away by our process & guarantee

Contact Us to Set Up Your Complementary Design Appointment

Pleasant Hill - 925-685-2943
San Ramon - 925-743-1713

1 -The Free Session

Our process begins with a consultation session, by visiting our physical studios or online through our JewelSmiths website. If you are in close proximity to one of our design studios, visit us or make a design appointment with one of our designers. If distance is an issue, we have a state of the art virtual designing process that can help us create online. It’s simple, easy and fun! Because we offer the best of both designing worlds – in studio consultation or online – we can be of complete service to your wants and situation. By designing & manufacturing everything in house, we're able to control all aspects of your design and your budget.

2 -The Idea

To create from a design idea with us requires an open mind and some ideas to create something extraordinary. We begin by visiting our design catalogs for ideas and inspiration. If you have ideas, you will be asked to submit them. Don't worry, if you don't see exactly what you are envisioning, our idea process will create a flow and eventually your dream will emerge. If a gemstone or diamond is desired, we initially design to accommodate that . When we have a concrete design we will search to have stones and prices available for you to consider. If you are supplying a stone, you will be asked to bring it with you so that we can use it as we are designing. We use a virtual designing process. Our program helps to imagine what it will look like completed.

3 -The Design Prospective

Measurements are of the utmost importance. Every aspect of the design requires accurate measurements. Most of the designing issues are a result of inaccurate measurements. We need finger size measurements for rings; length and width for pendants, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. The design idea follows measurement formats as we work toward presenting and creating a design and an accurate estimate. This is how we communicate the physical part of the design to each customer.

4 -Moving Forward

Once a design is selected, an estimate is produced to design and manufacture. If it warrants, the designer will also provide alternative suggestions to the design idea. All information will be confirmed, such as type of metal, finger size, engraving... Upon commitment, an appointment will be scheduled for viewing and trying on the wax design model. The wax model is the exact replica of the design idea. It makes the idea come to life. This is the most important step, insuring that the design is being done the way you want it.