Experienced, talented and professional are the key elements that make up our company service motto. Most jewelers are not equipped or experienced to service fine or delicate jewelry. Most jewelers send jewelry items that are taken in to "trade shops" that do work for the jeweler. This can lend itself to miscommunication and possible loss of item/s. Our craftspeople are trained to evaluate, prepare and care for jewelry that requires special attention. All of our studio shops can be viewed through our large full viewing glass showcases. For those that like to sit and enjoy the viewing, we have a comfortable lounging area to sit back and watch the craftspeople at their work.

Jewelry Scenario One

Have an necklace or ring sitting around, not being enjoyed just because of damage or out of style?

Jewelry Scenario Two

Sudden damage to jewelry that needs to be serviced so that it can be admired again?

Jewelry Scenario Three

Diamonds or gemstones that need to be estimated or appraised.