Supply Your


Supply your own center stone

Your Diamond... our design

If you have a recently purchased, acquired or inherited a family diamond or gemstone and want to design your stone around it, we have the prefect solution... JewelSmiths can create a beautiful design to showcase your diamond or gemstone. 

step 1

It starts with the center stone...

Whether you are scheduled to design with us in-studio or out-of-state, we need the stone information, such as measurements, clarity, color and cut to design the right size setting and provide the best accent stones for your stone. Whether you let us secure it or would rather keep it, is completely up to you. JewelSmiths will provide instructions and accommodations to have your stone set with us, or an out of town jeweler.

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Discovering your dream ring

Your design is a reflection of you and your ideas, dreams and desires. Selecting your creation is the exciting part. Our designers will guide you to discover that perfect creation, all while we keep in mind your diamond that will be used for the center focus. Your diamond is important, and it will be the top priority while selecting the design. 

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step 3

Designing around your Diamond or gemstone

Now that the design has been selected, its time to configure "your center stone" to become part of the ring design. Now for the exciting part... with your stone, or the information about your stone, such as measurements, images and other details, our designers will start to create the design that you want around your diamond or gemstone. A prototype model is produced to show how everything comes together. Whether you are local and can visit us for the designing or out of state, we are fully equipt to handle the complete process from start to completion.

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