About US

About JewelSmiths

JewelSmiths is a small design company with two small design studios, located in Northern California, Pleasant Hill and San Ramon, near San Francisco. Much more than a jewelry store, we are dedicated to providing customers that need jewelry repair, restoration, design and redesigning services.

Our Vision

JewelSmiths has been in business for thirty years. We have personality created thousands of designs for our past and present clients. The studios are family owned and operated and have no plans to change that family feel of the company. We are a small company, but for a good reason - to stay tight and manageable and focused on our customers. We enjoy what we do and take pride in every design that goes out our doors.

To stay successful, we have always believed there are two operating sides to our studios - designing and creating. Everything is done in our JewelSmiths studios. We have fully equipt workshops and have experienced and talented on-site goldsmiths that operate them. Each studio has the latest in equiptment technology to assure that every project can be done with the very best tools available. Each project is also designed, engineered and created in each of our two studios. Designers and goldsmiths work together to keep all communication aligned so that client, designer and goldsmith are working from the same page.