Jewelry Re-Design

The Jewelry Makeover or Re-Design


A lot of what we do is in the art of re-designing of jewelry or inherited collections. What is not known, to a great extent, is that unique and wonderful creations can be discovered with the right jewelry designer or re-designer. What makes the process so intriguing is that the design is centered around the gemstones and diamonds. Past designs of the rich and famous were created from older jewelry collections. The Duchess of Windsor was known to disassemble a creation to enhance the center gemstone's beauty and design around it, transforming it into a beautiful new design.

Not enough has been written or publicized about the redesigning of jewelry, however, it is very much alive and well, especially during challenging economic times. Most of the redesigns or jewelry make-overs are done for new engagement ring and anniversaries creations. It just makes sense to take what is very sentimental and create the perfect design to always admire and cherish.

A New Ring From an Original Collection


This is a client's cherished vintage diamond ring. She had inherited the ring from her family and wanted to discover the hidden beauty by redesigning the ring into a more current version of the same design. The diamond was an older stone, however, the interesting part of the process is when older items are used for new designs. It unleashes the true beauty. We came together with taking her center and side diamonds with a collection of other diamonds she had to create a platinum diamond engagement ring.

The Re-Designed Model


After going over many possible senarios, she settled on designing bits and parts from a design that she had seen before. Because of the workmanship and design origin, I had discussed the problems with copying someone else's design, however, taking design elements from it would be possible and design her diamonds around it. This colorful 3d model is part of a designing program that we design with to convey the designing process.

Rendering Model Design


This picture is the mockup rendered design that was used to communicate all of the important items that she wanted in her new creation. This procedure is so important because it give both designer and client the ability to discuss design changes or alterations without physically manufacturing the design and trying to "fix" issues afterwards. As you can see, we took specific design elements from the orignal picture and elaborated on it.

Example of Before and After


The two mountings side by side to compare how something so cherished can be re-discovered into a complete jewwelry makeover. Her smaller side diamonds in the older ring halo mounting were re-considered for another project and all of her remaining diamonds (from her collection) were used to complete the setting's additional diamond accents.

The Completed Design


The final design ready for the client to wear and show off!

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