Custom Designing

To purchase a ready made design is fine, however at JewelSmiths, to design is divine. That is our motto and we have been creating designs for over 30 years at both of our Bay Area studios. Custom design is so much more appealing, because of the nature of individuality, creativity and story telling. It is a wonderful opportunity to become a part of something that comes from you and your ideas. No one does it as well as us. The reason is as follows:

1. We have some of the best designers in the country that actually sit down and design with you.

2. Our designers are creative people that engineer the design from start to finish. 

3. All of our designs go through a step by step process that insures that your design is what you want.

​4. There are no "hand offs"- submitting your design to a person that does their work off site. We do everything in house and fresh everyday!

On Site Talent

Our designers work only for you and no one else. They are the creative staff that you discuss your dream ideas to. We do not "take notes" and hand it off to another outside trade shop.

Design & Engineering

All of our designs are done by our designers. They are created by them so that the person you discussed your design with is the person that is designing it.

On Site Craftmanship

From initial stage to crafting, all of our work is in house and done by our experienced and talented craftspeople