Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to provide content that is relevant to our business, customers and our unique brand. With that being said, we have provided a helpful question/answer page to clear up anything that might have gotten past us. If you don't see a question that you had in the back of your mind, that needed to be answered, then by all means, ask away on any of our contact forms that are located throughout our website.

If you are not a jewelry store, than what is it that you do?

This question has always come up because we are not the standard jewelry retail establishment. We provide all the services that enhance, restore or create wonderful pieces of jewelry. Our major area of specialization is in repairing or restoring customer's collections or items that have been acquired over the years, such as a engagement ring, anniversary band or a inherited diamond. We consider this our domain. We enjoy helping others to discover how to get the most out of their jewelry. By sitting down with a specialist we can find ways to bring the life or brilliance back to cherished and sentimental jewelry.

Is that all you do is repair and restoration?
No, it is only a small facet of of our services. We also provide some of the best designing talent in the country. Many of our designers have won multiple design awards and have been able to use their talent to provide great designing for those individuals that are looking for a unique or beautiful design for an engagement, anniversary or a special occasion. What sets us apart from other jewelers is that we do not carry designer lines - created by other designers- in our studios. We create everything fresh and unique to each an every customer. All of our work is done in our studios by designer and goldsmiths.

Is everything that you do, done in your studios?
Yes, the majority of all of our work is done in each studio. Each studio has craftspeople that work behind a glass display so that our customers can view the crafting and serving process. We have always wanted our craftspeople to be available and visible to our customers so that there is a comfort and trust level that we can always count on. Our openness is firmly presented and if for any reason a customer wants to be present to watch his or her valuable jewelry serviced, we can make the necessary scheduling to accommodate them.

How long have you been in business?
Great question! We are a family run operation, with two locations that have been in existence for over 30 years. The family has been in the jewelry business for 40 years. Each goldsmith has 32 years of skill in our industry. We are very proud to be a member of our community for such a long time and will continue to run our business for many years to come.

Do you just do fine jewelry services and or design?
No, we gladly do a $5.00 service as well as a $10000.00 design. We would not be worth our mettle if all we catered to was expensive jewelry designing. Our customers are varied - to a person that needs a watch battery, a slight adjustment on a bracelet or earring, or a special diamond engagement ring design. I was told many years ago that customers build their trust in you by how you can handle the little things first. I would like to say that we are a great example of the statement.of one on one customer service.

Is it possible to set up an appointment to work on something valuable and sentimental?
Yes, We understand how something can be irreplaceable We have the ability to setup appointments in jewelry services, such as repair and appraisals. We generally ask customers to bring in their items first to assess the concerns and then provide scheduling to have the work done while customers watch and wait.

If I left my jewelry for service, how safe will it be?
Very safe. We have state of the art computers and cameras that take in valuable items and schedule the work to be done and the due dates. Our systems are so powerful that they create tracking reports so that each item is logged and scanned for completion. If items are to be delayed (this does happen in all businesses) our computers inform us of the delays and allow us to contact customers and reschedule. All jewelry is secured in vaults with overhead cameras to make sure that someone is watching valuable items 24 hours a day. All jewelry in our possession is computer logged in and given work numbers to be identified.

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